Tuesday, September 23, 2008

May 2007

I’ve been reading the conference talks (one a day) and have noticed how many of the speakers quote a hymn. This has reminded me of several things.
One person I know said that when she woke up every day she would read a chapter in her scriptures and then read a hymn from the hymn book. This was a great way for her to start her day because then she had a hymn in her mind all day.
I remember when Afghanistan was liberated from the Taliban and it was reported that people were able to listen to music for the first time for years. This made an impression on my daughter, because music has been such a big part of her life. She was truly grateful that she had music in her life.

I tried an experiment when I was expecting her. When I rested I’d play music so that she could hear it. I especially liked band music and several times noticed she was moving to the music. In 5th grade she took all the money she had saved and bought a clarinet at a garage sale. She has since excelled in the marching band and is studying clarinet at college. I wish I could find someone to continue my research in this area of “preinfluencing” children. Think what we could do with the math and science capabilities of our girls if we introduced the subjects to them before they were born! Ok so I’m secretly a ” mad scientist” from Los Alamos!

Elder Jay Jensen in his April conference talk had the following to say. “Hymns are "an essential part of our church meetings. [They] invite the Spirit of the Lord." They often do this quicker than anything else we may do. President J. Reuben Clark Jr. said, "We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer."
Two missionaries teaching an older couple in their home in Peru were interrupted by the arrival of the couple's son, his wife, and three children. The elders explained who they were and what they were doing. The son was suspicious of the missionaries, resulting in an awkward moment. The junior companion prayed silently, "Heavenly Father, what do we do?" The impression came to sing. They sang "I Am a Child of God."6 The Spirit touched the hearts of this family of five. Instead of two converts, all seven became members, influenced initially by a hymn.”
Hope you enjoy some lovely music today


ps My favorite hymn is "Be Still My Soul" (Music is Finlandia). Sometimes when I’m really blue I call my daughter and ask her to sing it to me. It’s her favorite hymn too. And we both finish the phone call happier.

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