Saturday, September 20, 2008

2007 remembered

2007, Wow!
Seems like just yesterday I was not so eagerly waiting for the FEDS to get their act together and finalize arrangements to move my family across the country to Virginia!
As a life long Westerner, my life was full of fear and trepidation; excitement and curiosity.
I have learned that
Though the sky is not as bright a blue—it is still blue.
The grass is greener.
You can still plant a garden even if you have to haul soil up three floors. And the growing season is longer. I can put out plants on April 15th instead of May 31st..Fresh tomatoes in November!
People are friendly where ever you live.
Cats can adapt to apartment living.
It’s cozy sitting in front of the fire with a cat on your lap and a cup of cocoa, even in the city.
Every year I think about my new years resolutions. I use to write down 25, then slowed down to 10 or so. In 1978, I remember my lifetime goals were to finish my college education, have a daughter, go to Europe, write a book and have a piece of my artwork hanging in a public building.. I don’t remember my other five goals, but at least I‘ve finished 50% Last year my goals were to finish something, and adjust.
As children we are taught that when we make a promise—we should keep it. I think as adults we let this get a little fuzzy as life gets more complicated. This year I’m going to choose my resolutions as a promise I’m making to myself.


Bursts forth--.
A new year bringing
Fresh chances,
For promises
To keep

Hope 2007 will be good to you!


The strongest and sweetest song remains to be sung.Walt Whitman (1819-1892)Poet

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