Monday, September 22, 2008

Cathy's Words


There is too much stuff
Cluttering my life—
Angry Thoughts,
Words I’ve yelled and wish I could
Take back
Deeds I’ve left undone.
I need to do some brutal editing
And leave some room for sunshine.


When I look into
the cloudy sky--
White caps in the blue,
I think of sailboats
In the sea.
The waves churning with the wind.

I imagine gulls sailing
Above the water,
The music of their calling,
A harsh note in the
Beauty of the day.
It makes me wish
That I could fly.


Somewhere the music
Is playing
But I can’t hear it.
My windows
Are closed.
The radio is off.
I am alone in the room.
But somewhere
I know
The music is playing.
It makes me
Want to sing.

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