Saturday, July 9, 2016

You're A Success!


It is so difficult getting old. By the time my computer boots up I forget what I was going to say! Even the computer is feeling the stresses of age. When I try to hurry it along, it “Bleps!”at me.

I had some friends over this morning to help bind a group quilt we have been making. It has been fun getting together and working on a joint project as we catch up with each other’s busy lives. This quilt has had some interesting lessons for me.
Patience- Other people have lives and can’t drop everything for my schedule.
Charity- we all have different skills and talents
Artistic sense- Our brains are wired differently. The colors I see are not the same ones you see. What I saw as dark navy, someone else sees as black. My pale blue is your grey. My burnt sienna is her brown. But it is done and will be gifted Sunday.
Now my focus will change and I don’t know where to start. So many possibilities line up on my list. Should I take a nap and let the swelling in my legs go down? Should I clear up my work room to start a new project next week. Should I fold the laundry?
Should I write the poem to go with the quilt? I’m still waiting for inspiration on that one.

I’ve always been one to make lists. If I have too many things I want to or should do I write them down on paper, tear it up into little pieces and put them in a jar. Fate will choose which one for me to do. “No not that one, try again!”

Marvin J. Ashton, an earlier Apostle in the Latter Day Saint Church said, “Set your goals—without goals you can’t measure your progress. But don’t become frustrated if the victories’ don’t come quickly or easily. Remind yourself that striving can be more important than arriving. If you are striving for excellence—if you are trying your best day by day with the wisest use of your time and energy to reach realistic goals—you are a success, and you can feel proud of your accomplishments.”

My dad and I, when  he was in his 90’s, would sit at the breakfast table and plan our day. I said we should plan to complete at least one thing a day. He smiled and said, “Today I got out of bed! “
What are you striving for today?

The Bishop's Quilt


A block in a block in a block he thought. That’s what I feel like!  I’m ready for a vacation. It seems like he’d been the jack in the pulpit for years. Gathering his family they headed for the lake. A Broken wheel threw a monkey wrench into their plans, but heading out with supplies on their backs they were determined to have a good day. Flying geese overhead called to them as they climbed a rail fence and followed the trail of the covered wagons over stiles and stones and through the lattice of trees in the woods.

Seeing the bear paw print they jumped the rail fence with both eyes open
The saw tooth star last night, gleaming in the heavens warned them of their adventure. Passing this old house, an ancient log cabin, they walked toward the brown waterfall.

Approaching the lake, they rented a sailboat, glad they’d gone fishing. They had seen a another bear paw print as they hopped the third rail fence. !

At the end of the day; full of fresh fried fish, and fruit from the apple leafed trees, they snuggled down  next to another rail fence; into their sleeping bags, happy and content under the dark sky filled with Missouri stars. Tomorrow they’d go panning for gold
“Dad,” the young boy said, “Thanks,
 Families are forever”.