Friday, December 29, 2017

For A Woman

For A Woman

Sitting in the bright sun
Dreaming under a cloudless sky
A calm,  soft breeze wafting through bare branches
The smell of warm fresh brownies on the table
The children fed and put down for a nap
Life use to seem so easy
What happened?
Christ smiled and said

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Who Am I

Who Am I ?

Friends and family sat
Lazily in Antique furniture placed
around the room.
Flowers adorned every table.
Kittens slept quietly on the chintz couch
While the children, twins, played with
Their toys behind it.
Sunlight flickered through the rose
bushes outside the west window.
“What was the occasion? “The neighbor asked
“New babies coming to save the world, idiot.”
answered his wife. “She’s a woman of faith.”

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Love Lines

As I look at myself in my mirror
I think
I’ve had a good life.
There have been stresses and heart aches
Yes, but there’s been pure joy.
Those fine lines on my face have
Been earned. Have paid the price.
My home has been filled
With friends,
With dance,
With music.
My husband, my children, my dogs make my
Love runneth over . What more could Jesus give me?
Opportunity and service.
When I see that poor frail woman,
The sad dirty child
Lost somewhere in the cold world
My fingers itch to sew
To quilt
To send warm love.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day 
Beyond the yonder sunshine
The savory raindrops fell
A gift from God omnipotent
With ringing swung the bell
The dainty, beauty smiled at him
The righteous hero blushed.
But truthfully he’s ornery
And this day can’t be rushed.
For women have a secret way
And in the end will win.
So with a twinkle in her eyes
She sent sweet Cupid in

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Joy In The Morning

Joy in the Morning
Laughter in the afternoon
Love- every moment
Christ-is our Savior
Family-our hope
The Prophets-our guides
The Gospel-our road map
The Church-is our glue
Mother-our dearest friend
What more do we need?


The Ghost in the Attic

I had a metamorphosis
I gave away my pain.
I vowed to act with mercy.
Anger put me to shame
Now Angel has come home to me.
I have no time to spare
I had her dressed in aubergine
With violets in her hair.
Her dress was like the stardust
The Pleiades would wear.
She brought with her the metatron
 Phosphorus was his name.
We knew him first as Morning Star
Life here is not the same.
I thought to go to Darien
But I am laid out flat.
I saw her ghost in my old yard
My thoughts have all gone splat!

Old Women

To Be Old (On a Bad Day)

If I could pick a perfect world        
I’d not be sick or angry.     
I’d jump and skip and run to show
my kids That I’m not crazy

I’d surely skip the seven sins       
To Heaven I’ll be heading.           
Regardless of the consequence 
Of all the books I’m reading.

I’m just so happy I can say.                                   
I’m grateful for the many
Friends I’ve met along the way    
Too bad you have not any

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Forever Memories

Favorite Memories
Families are fun-
Sometimes just plain nuts.
But we’ve had our good times.
Remember feeding the giraffes in Hawaii;
The long, dry tongue wrapping around our wrists,
licking food from our hands?
Remember chasing peacocks in the park and squealing when they turned and
 started to chase us instead?
Remember brothers dangling spiders in front of sisters
Or wrapping headless snakes around their sister’s necks?
Shudder! I do!
Remember little boys taking bubble baths, making bubble mustaches and beards; sailing
Rubber duckies in the poison foam?
Remember getting up at 4:30 to drive to balloon fiesta to sit on a roof and watch balloons
Drift by?
Remember the gift of dipping chocolates and pulling taffy at family home evening with the
Fatherless boys just before Christmas?
Remember sharing the Gospel as missionaries
To others wanting Forever Families.
Forever memories.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Love Those Endorphins!


When you think about
Counting your blessings
Where do you begin?
The Gospel and the Savior come first
Of course;
Closely followed by a dozen grandchildren,
Some day.
Family and friends and circumstances
Make you who you are.
But then—
The habits, you place on your doorstep
The addictions controlling pleasure
What is your choice?
Are all addicting.
Chocolate? (It’s an opioid, did you know?)
Green Chili?
What can I say?
I love them all.

But it isnt Kansas


There’s no place like home
In Indiana.
The cornfields spread out
Over the prairie.
Crows sit in peace waiting for
The golden ears.
One would think they thought
It was for them that
It was planted.
The icy winds blowing across the plains
Warm in the Spring sunshine
Most days.
God’s charity brings gratitude
From the friends of the earth,
Health to the natives and
Joy  to us all.
Thank you

Sunday, December 17, 2017

He has a free Pass


When I think of love
I think of Susan.
I think of my family
And  grandchildren.
I think of Christ and the Atonement.
I think of my neighborhood,
And my puppy.
What an example of love each has been
In my life;
An education
 in my world and
in My path into Eternity
With the temple I can take them with me
Except for the puppy

Saturday, December 16, 2017


The littlest angel
Touched by the grave;
Brought Gifts to her family
Wrapped in tear drops and sunshine;
Grief in the loss,
Joy in the healing,
Peace in the compassion,
Hope in the miracle.
Sleep peacefully child
Until I come.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Littlest Angel


The littlest angel took a breath and looked
Around himself shyly.
Looking up at his guardian angel he asked,
“Who is God?”
The guardian angel looked down at him  with gentleness.
“God is Omnipotent.
God is forgiving.
God is loving.
You are part of God's family”
The littlest angel looked up with hope and joy.
“Is he my grandpa? I really miss my grandpa!”
“No, he said with empathy, “God is so much more. But He is with your grandpa. In your short time on earth you were tried and tested. Are you ready to go meet God?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

From Behind The Pulpit

As I sat there that Sunday
Watching out
Over the congregation
I felt love,
I felt inspired,
I felt triumph.
So many of you
Felt the solemn momentum
The Sacrament can bring into your lives.
The radiance on your faces
The knowledge of your testimony
The love of your family proves
The truth of the Gospel.
I admire you.
You are fantastic.


To All My Friends

I’m glad we’re friends.
We share laughter, hugs
And chocolate.
We make warm blankets
For children;
Fill shoeboxes with little somethings
For little angels
We love Family,
Walks in the fall, and talking.
Beautiful Sunsets and hot baths
Warm our hearts
Our friendship is music
To my soul

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

What does it mean to be happy?
Is it laughter?
Is it a fleeting smile across the lips
That had held pain?
Is it the knowledge that you can
Make life more tolerable
For one in need?
Is it the yellow sun shining on a cold
Wintry day?
What is it that makes you happy?
Is it having integrity intact
As you honestly and with humility
Reach out to His Son,
Our Savior?
To say, I’m sorry?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I'm Going There Some Day


  Is the Temple in your vision?
Is the Temple in your plan?
Does the Savior’s love compel you
To try to understand?
Are you grateful for your family?
Do your children smile at home?
Does your heart just surge with happiness
When He says “Come”?