Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Somewhere the music
Is playing
But I can’t hear it.
My windows
Are closed.
The radio is off.
I am alone in the room.
But somewhere
I know
The music is playing.
It makes me
Want to sing

November Letter

Who do you trust? In this political season we see and hear many examples of partial or complete untruths. How can we decide what’s true and what’s not?

In October I was in New Mexico. The movers packed the final things. A carpet cleaner did three rooms. The painters have painted two thirds of the house. A real estate agent came and looked at the place that’s been my family’s home for thirty two years. Over the past year I have found and been collecting lost coins found in the corners of drawers and closets. I had a large casino container full of coins. After every one had gone I found the cup in a closet and decided to take it to the bank. It was only half full! Now who do I trust? At this point in my life I wonder about my memory, but I’m ninety per cent sure it was over flowing before.

My dad also has a jar of coins. People asking for donations to their cause send nickels, quarters, and even dollar coins with instructions to return them with a $500 donation. Living on Social Security, he doesn’t have a lot to send to people, so he supports his favorite charities and puts the coins in a jar. I was looking at the dollar coins and made an interesting discovery. The new gold colored dollars don’t have “e pluribus unum” or “In God We Trust” on them.
Does this mean that we, as a country no longer trust in God? Do we no longer stand together “ one out of many?”
Tuesday is election day. I hope you take the time to vote.
And I hope you do it prayerfully

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

“The time is always right to do what is right.”-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Truthfulness is the real mark of integrity.”-- Brian Tracy

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”-- Thomas Jefferson

More Friends Quilts

Peggy's Quilt

(Peggy wanted one of my quilts but I was only making baby quilts and she, at 50 didn't want another baby! So I made her a black and white half square triangle filled with stars when her husband had a stroke on Christmas)


I remember
I remember
I remember

Bishop Spencer

(When the Bishop moved back to Utah the ward made a quilt for him. Many ward members signed the light stripe in a brown, green, gold and white rail fence. Rita wanted it in beige and cream, but we made it in the colors of the hills around us.)


It isn't beige
It isn't cream
But wait a sec-
Before you scream,
S'not where it goes
But where it's been
It's sent with love
From Gold and Green.

(Before I moved I had my Achievement Day Girls each paint a block and then made a King Spread for my new apartment from them. Every night I can remember and pray for them.)

Achievement Day Girls

They're goofy,
They're silly,
They're ornery,
They're fun.
But I love those girls,
Indeed, every one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Viola's Quilt

(Pastel bowtie quilt with flower buttons)

Sleeping in the shadows,
Nodding heads
To the young birds in
The gardens.
Cross the lawn
Hiding from the children
Playing games in the yard.
Scratching at our necks
Sunday morn.

Cousins Amberly and Mathew
(dolphin center four patch border)
(Zebra with multible borders)

Ziggy Zebra
Wearing stripes
Eating cactus,
Shouted "Yipes!"
Jumped into a clump of trees.
"Pull these thorns out
If you please."

Dora Dolphin
Deftly dove
Through the waves in
Copperas Cove.
Sailing high above the sea,
Shouted "Hey Y'all
Look at me!"

Friends Quilts






  LoeAnn's Quilt 
  (Applique birds in a window)


Bluebird came this spring
To sing
The sun back to my soul.
God's gift-
A song,
A friend,
A smile,
Has left my spirit whole.

Kate's Quilt
(Batik flowers in random batik squares
reminiscent of a coreopsis growing in the cracks of my patio)


With a little dust
And a little dew
Even in brick walks
A flower grew.

Kath's Quilt
(This is a creation quilt. The center 'CHAOS' block was a rescued ugly block some one discarded. It is set 'square in square ' in four triangles suggesting the first four days of creation. The outer borders complete the creation week. A charm figurine represents man. I made a big mistake in the way I quilted it which resulted in one section not having batting. When I replaced it, a ridge was left which can be felt but not seen. This is my sin and forgiveness.)

Even on the darkest days
There's a shaft of golden light
To help you through
Your darkest times--
To guide you through the night.

Remember through your lonely times
When life seems full of woe
There's someone here
Who's been there too,
Just take the time to know

That sunny days, or lonely days
There's some who just
Love you.

Catherine's quilt
(black on white Mimbres bird on fish applique)

I smiled through
Many trials
And many years
I laughed at
Silly jokes
And shared my tears,
And I was loved
By Catherine.

Joan's Quilt

(Applique Indian woman Gorman style)

Listening Woman

She sits on the mesa.
The Listening Woman
Bringing comfort
And Peace.
Her spirit
And God's spirit
Are Friends.

Connie's Quilt

(Blue and gold pinwheel block with floral border)

Spatulas don't fit in the dishwasher-- comfortably
Five people don't fit on the pews
Sometimes I feel like the odd man out.
How about you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wedding Quilt

Aplique Mimbres designs with borders
Black on white.

My Friend

When life was sad you smiled
Away my tears.
You filled my life with light
And took away my fears.

You held my hand and walked
With me into the stormy night.
I know with you here by my side
Our life will be all right.

Mr. H. Goes to Washington

A Bear in the forest with pieced trees in the borders
(to hang in the Forestall Building )

In The Beginning

I go about my business
And I remember that you
Love me.

I pick up a spoon
And the knowledge washes
Over me

Like a warm wave.
By the time I put the
Spoon down

Another wave has hit
Like the chills when I had
The flue,

(Only so much nicer).
It goes on like that all
Day long.

That warm wave,
On and on
And on.

Amanda Rose

Blue gingham yarn embroidered baby quilt

Amanda Rose

A hidden smile, a secret laugh
A feeling barely told.
We've newly met
We've just begun
Yet the joy is decades old.

Manda's Friends

Alice- red black and blue ocean waves
Kirin-Batik dancers with borders
Dan-Bakik rock climber with borders

Bus Stop

She called me today,
At 7:40 a.m.
She, who by choice sleeps till noon,
Perky, happy, singing.
On her way to an adventure.
The morning sunshines on her honey hair;
The birds singing their happy calls to each other;
The groggy college students waiting for an adventure
At the bus stop

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bruce's Quilt

(Batik dragon with pieced borders)


When night is grey
The world lonely
My gentle knight,
Face shining
Smiles at me,
And warming sun
Within my soul
Gives glow

Darwin's Quilt

(King David's Crown)

The skies may be blue,
The sun golden,
All's right in our world.

Yet still clouds
Fleetingly, or
Add texure,

Like King David of old ,
We pass through joy.
We gather sorrow.
We reach for our crown.

My prayer for you,
As you wrap ywouself
In King David's crown,
Know you are beloved.

Wendy's Quilt

(Pieced Maple Leaf with owl medallion)


Here I am Lord,
Cold Feet and tear stained cheeks
Haven't kept me.

What am I wanted for?
What is my purpose for Thee?

It isn't to learn to be a wife and mother--
At least not only--
If it were so wouldn't I be still?

I am Wendy the wanderer.
I am Gwendolyn, the new woman.
I am Mommy, security, love.
I am Daughter, tears, fears, and stregnths too.
I am Widow, the lonely, the brave.
I am, I am --What am I? Who?

What do You want of me?
Who do you want me to be?
What do I want of myself?

George's Quilt

(Sampler with photo's)


I know I'm just a dog
But Gee!
My Auntie Lois
Dotes on me.

I rough and tumble--Lots
Of fun.
I keep my "Auntie"on
The run.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sarita's Quilt


(Pieced four patch with half square triangles and aplique cat)

There's a kitten in my garden
She's sitting on the walk.
And oh! the things she'd tell you
If she could only talk.

She'd count the little stepping stones.
She'd say, "Who spilled the milk?"
She'd tell who ate the bumble bee--
And the catapillar's silk.

My garden's full of flowers.
She thinks they smell so nice.
The only thing she'd add to it
Are maybe little mice.

My kitten whispers secrets
As you snuggle neath this quilt,
And sends you off to dreamland
In the sailboats you have built.

Tommy's Quilt

(Amish nine patch) with dinosaurs


The sewing's kind of crooked.
The patches aren't quite right.
But maybe that won't bother you
As you cuddle up at night.

I made it just because I knew
You'd like the colors so--
Red, yellow, purple, black, and blue
Like checks all in a row.

Just like the dinos on your quilt,
My head's not on too well.
But as we march around our lives,
It helps us not to yell!

James' Quilt

(Amish Bars)


Running round the corner.
Sitting in a line.
Looking for some dinner
Hiding all the time.

Makes us rush and hurry.
Holds us to a row.
Feeds us love unquestioned.
Warms our very soul.




A litle mouse,
Hiding between the bars,
Sneaking in the shadows,
What are you afraid of?
Soft, fluffy grey cats,
Orange striped tiger cats,
Spitting ,howling fighting CATS!
Hungry hungry CATS!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daniels Quilt


(medallion quilt with borders)

I once knew a chicken named Fred
Who wanted to stand on his head
He tried and he tried,
In frustration he cried,
"I think I'll just go back to bed"

In the black of night
In the glow of day,
The roosters crowed,
Wish they'd go away!

"Cock-a doodle doo!
Cock a doodle day!
They just drive me crazy,
Wish they'd just go away!"

Well, I made some dumplings
And some noodles too.
And I put that rooster
In some chicken strew.

But the rooster still won,
So my friends all say.
Now I sit and doodle
My whole life away!

Nathan's Quilt


(pieced strips)

The "men" have come to kill the buffalo
At Ft. Wingate
Because they're old.

It is in the winter of "ninty six"
But it isn't because they're cold.

"It isn't fair!"
The children cried.
"They're old and useless"
The men replied.
But the people rallied and petitioned
The "powers that be"
To save the buffalo
For you and me.

The men have come to fight the Buffalo
And the buffalo WON

Amanda's Quilt


(sampler quilt) each block name highlighted in bold describes an adventure we had.

It was a rocky road to California
But we had fun.
There were cats in the corner lot,
Yes more than one.
The roosters crowed both night and noon
On the old rail fence.
And the hole in the old barn door,
Where the concerts were,
Chilled us as we danced.
We needed to borrow grandmother's fan
For the Micado play.
And learning a few card tricks
Saved a magic day.
We learned that whether we were
In Hays Corner, or on king X's throne;
Either wearing a bow tie or in a
Log cabin without a phone,
It's nice to know that our family,
Wherever we may roam,
Will always just take with us
A Happy Home

Laura Michelle's Quilt


(Amish bars with borders and cat)

Where are you?
The real you!
Hiding in the shadows
Waiting to come out,
To surprise,
To sparkle,
To enlighten,
To shine!

What are you?
A cat? Aloof and proud?
A mouse? Shy and quiet?j
A dog? Protectiving those around you?
A butterfly waiting to soar?

Who are you?
A doll to play with?
A heroine in the making?
A daughter full of joys and sorrows?
A young woman of promise.!

Davera's Quilt


(Garden path pieced)

She walks along the garden path.
She dances through the halls.
She twists and turns
On trampolines.
She plays with any balls.
She cheers the gang
In all their sports.
She has the nicest hair .
She is a mother and a child ,
A challenge and a dare.

Cathleen's Quilt

OUT MY WINDOW May 5, 1995

(applique snowmen sampler)

There's a snowman out my window
And I wish He'd go away!
I think it's just disgusting
To have snowmen still in May

Alexander's Quilt


(Amish -"Chinese coins")

When I dream of Alexander
The night is crowded full.
Whatever he has in his life
It surely isn't dull.
From Chinese coins
To Tonka trucks
African masks,
And mucky mucks
Soccer games
Piano tunes
Amazing Grace
Screaming baboons
Wild animals
Wild Irish women
And Purple !
Purple !

Melissa's Quilt


The pineapple
 Hid in the corner,
Basking quietly,
In the winter sun.
I would enjoy her fruit
But I missed her bloom
The joy of her effort.
I have friends like that.
I need to be more nourishing.
 Like they-
Blossomed in my own dark corner.

Guy's Quilt

(Love Knots pieced quilt_

Frogs, snakes and bats,
Lizards and rats--
These are our Guy's type of play.

Outdoor type of fun
Has him on the run.
What wil his kids do to day?

Becky's Quilt


Roman bars
Sparkling stars
Dinosaurs and fish
Red and green and golden—
Anything you wish
That’s the fun of abstract
That’s fun to create
Wrap yourself in color.
I think orange is great
Think of variations.
Think of what you’d do.
Turtles, snakes or goldfish
Yellow pink and blue

Monday, November 3, 2008

BJ's Quilt


(watercolor quilt)

There are stars in the skies
Like the stars in your eyes.
Life is perfect,
And awsome,
And cool
As you leap through this life
Full of struggle and strife
Just stand tall
For you're Nobldy's fool

Kim's Quilt

(Square in a square)

Camping on our doorsteps
Held at bay
By sweet smiles--
Busy hands--
And faith unquestioned.

Aimee's Quilt


(Medalian quilt with pieced borders)

Two birds,
Standing in the water
Two souls
Standing on life's edges
Two hearts, entwined--
What happens?
We're watching!

Valerie's Quilt

(snowball pieced quilt)

Apples and snow balls
And chickmonks
And mice--
Daisies and roses,
And everything nice--
Pickles and cupcakes
And dancing in spring
Trickeling laughter
"Bout any old thing,
These are the things that
All make me smile.
These are some things
That make liing worthwhile.

Justin's Quilt


(Modified Amish -Chinese Coins)

Just a minute!
Just a minute!
If there's trouble
Justin's in it!
Let's go fishing!
Let's play pool!
Justin, you'll be late for school!
Feed the chickens!
Milk the cow!
Justin slow down!
Stop that NOW!
Three big sisters, his to rule--
Justin is nobody's fool!

Teresa's Quilt

(Aplique Jack o'Lantern Sampler)


The pumkin is
A scary beast,
On Halloween,
October feast!

With pointed teeth
And manner wild,
He is the bane
Of any child.

November though--
I don't know why--
He is my favorite
Pumpkin pie.

Robert's Quilt


I first saw him sitting on the courthouse steps, contemplating the sun dappling through the green leaves of summer.
It was a hot dry day typical of New Mexico. He was wearing khaki pants and an old plaid shirt. Worn brogues hung heavily on his tired feet.  His hair, log, stringy and grey was pulled back into a halfhearted ponytail. Pale grey eyes swam in a sea of wrinkles.
He looked longingly across the street at the ice-cold lemonade I held at the table. I turned my head, looking for the waitress to order one for him when he disappeared.
I think I have met one of the ghosts of Corrales.

Megan's Quilt

Water Color- eight pointed star

Can You See The Stars

Will the twinkle of their message
Penetrate the night?
For the wonder of their pattern
And the glory of their light
As you go about you business
Living life from day to day.
As you choose your daily action
Letting time get in the way.
As your choices close the doorways
Of the things you could have done
And you see a window opening
When you thought that you had none?
As you look up towards the heavens
And feel the light shine down
I ask you one more question
Can you see the stars?

Michael's Quilt

I wrote this when I heard about Michael's death in a mine in Montana


Why was it my son?
Your son was in the lead
Going out.

Why did the positions change.
Why was your son's foot caught?
His life saved?
Why was it so dark?

Why did it happen
On his dad's birthday?
Why was his dad's spirit
So close this year
Not others?

Why was his faith so strong
His love so sure.
Why couldn't he feel my faith,
My love
My pride in him?

Why did I see them
Walking together towards
The Light?
Why was he so happy?

Why did the hymns race
Through my mind--
"As I have Loved You"
His farewell theme;
"I walked "In the Garden"
His father's funeral Hymn;

"I Know That My Redeemer Lives"
The first hymn he learned to play
On the Piano
On his mission

Do I keep complaining to God,
"You Don't understand!"
"Yes I do."
"But he was my son!"
"He is my son too."
"I loved him so much!"
"I do too."
"But you're better than I am!"
"We'll work on that

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kevin's Quilt

(Strips pieced with diagonal stripe)

Diagonalize the matix.
Build castles in the sand.
Excell your every factor
And you'll be in demand.
Go space
Column space
Get the car in tune.
With a guitar in the back seat,
Sit beneath the moon.
Wander through life's maze
You'll see,
He's smart!
It's Greek to me!

Caran's Poem

(no quilt)

I don't have pictures of their quilts.
And I am all agog!
They were donated to DI's
Or eaten by the dog.

Caisa's Quilt

Do ,do, do, re mi, mi re mi fa sol
Little singing mother ‘Bout her day does go.
With a smile upon her face.
With everything still in it’s place.
Even when her day’s a race—
She will meet her goal.

Doug's Quilt

(Aplique Mimbres Quilt)

From One Old Goat To Another

The old goat wandered over the hills
Smelling flowers,
Calling to the sheep,
Basking in the cool

Life's great, he thought,
Licking the glue
Off tomato soup cans.

Lois Ann's Quilt

(Log cabin block)


Piece by piece,
Strip by strip,
Inch by inch,
Log by log,
We've built
Our Quilt.

Step by step,
Child by child,
Hope by hope,
Dream by dream
Our home has grown.

Round and round,
Center first,
Edges next,
Block by Block
Warm love Happens