Saturday, June 29, 2013



Hot, hot ! hot.
Fire, burning on the mountains
Flames racing round the ridges
Drought drying up the desert
In the Southwest.
Waiting for the cool
Waiting for the rain.
Hurry, hurry, hurry

Friday, June 14, 2013

Make Things Happen


I’ve always had trouble remembering some things, like combinations and license plate numbers, pin numbers and phone numbers. When the state I lived in changed there numbering system for license plates to three letters and then three numbers I complained that I had just memorized the last one after several years trying. "Well, I said give me one I can remember." The clerk handed me a plate and said, “ this one is easy Kiss Mom and Dad at 430  I hated to give up that number when we moved again! But with that plate we started a license plate game as we traveled. The winner was the one who came up with the best phrase- we assigned words to the letters. The last one we had was Just Zebra Stripes.  I never could remember the numbers. They didn’t make sense in a sentence. Yesterday we got our new license plate since we moved to a different state. MTH.
I decided to make this my new mantra-“Make Things Happen!
I am in a new city, and nobody knows who I am! I can be anyone I want, any personality I choose. Wow! I can reinvent myself. Instead of a quiet, shy introvert; I can be an outgoing, friendly introvert. Well you can’t change everything about your basic personality.
One of my new goals is to find out about my husband’s family history. He was a late child to older parents so most of his extended family is gone. But with websites giving us opportunities to see vital statistic records we can look for his family. Previously we walked down the streets where his mother grew up and then the street his father lived on as a teenager. But going back a generation is harder. Who were his grandparents? How many uncles and aunts were there and what did they like to do? I really wish there was an email service between this world and the next. Wouldn’t it be fun to write to someone who has passed on and ask them questions, get to know their opinions?
I guess I should learn a lesson from this and write a journal for my grandchildren so they will get to know me. Another thing to make happen.
What are you going to make happen this month?

Thursday, June 6, 2013


It is Isn’t It?

A lilac
Is it really spring?
Cherry blossoms are blowing away
Forsythia bends its blossoms in the breeze
April showers hover
The earth quakes in anticipation.
Birds sing their cheery song
It should be spring!
A lilac


                              I think my word was
                              But I lost it in my
                              As I wandered through
                              Our early spring
                              It was left behind.

                              Yet, You'll be happy that
                              I found
                              The lilac you've been
                              There it was just
                              Waking up
                              Near sweet Willow
                              Who was weeping.

                              My eyes and I we sat
                              Right down
                              We had a scrumptious
                              And I found what I was
                              Searching for.........
                              To say the

Poor little lilac
Planted just this spring.
What hopes,
What dreams I had for us.
My heart did want to sing.
I’d take your blooms
Into my arms.
And smell your heady scent.
I’d think of friends
With lilacs too
Whose memory was meant
To be recalled in springtime.
But I am gone
And you are lost
And memories will fade
Again I lack a lilac
I’m hanging up my spade.