Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Secret message

The secret

A lovely surprise
In a gift of wishes
A poem in the making
The prayers that you’ve offered
A hope for healing
From sisters of my heart
Thanks for your love
The care that you’ve brought me
The smiles that you send me
The challenges offered
I can rest
Perhaps to sleep
Knowing God
And you
Are in charge.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Making A Masterpiece

You are a work of art
A sketch in Fathers plan
With color added by earth's trials
A masterpiece began.
The contrast using darks and lights
A vibrant picture poses
So, if youre day feels difficult
Wake up and paint the roses

We are having a fun activity at Relief Society next month. I hope you will join us. We are going to learn to paint! “Oh,” you may say. “I’m not talented enough to do that. I can’t paint!” Well, forty years ago I couldn’t either. I’m still not very good, but I really want to try.
Oh Oh! See I just did that thing again. I compared my talent or lack of to someone else’s. I’m not a Rubens or a DaVinci, or even  a Matisse.
I have tried Miro and  Kandinsky  styles which was just fun.

Joy D. Jones wrote in Value Beyond Measure November Ensign Magazine,
“God is your Father. He loves you. He and your Mother in Heaven value you beyond any measure….You are unique. One of a kind
--Spencer W. Kimball
Let there be no question in your mind about your value as an individual. The whole intent of the gospel planis to provide an opportunity for each of you to reach your fullest potential. Brigham Young said, “the least, the most inferior spirit upon the earth … is worth worlds. No matter what, we always have worth in the eyes of our Heavenly father

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. We can stop comparing our worst to someone else’s best. “Comparison is the thief of joy.
When we have virtuous thoughts, He will bless us with confidence, even the confidence to know who we really are. There’s never been a more crucial time to heed His words. “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly, “He said. “Then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and…the Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion.

As the Savior lifts us to higher ground, we can see more clearly not only who we are but also that we are closer to Him than we ever imagined.”
Tomorrow when you wake up, Look in the mirror, smile and say, I have value. God loves me. Then find someone to pass  on a little joy . Remember, you are making a masterpiece—you.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Patience Grown

Patience Grown

I was born belligerent.
The first words out of my mouth
Were loud and angry
I was hungry,
My mom told me.
And at 2 minutes old
I didnt have the wisdom
To be patient.
I was born with a fire in
My heart.
A fire, a continuous desire
To have all that Heaven holds.
Moneys not abundant
Family is
Seven children
Fourteen grand children
Trailing behind
Love in abundance!
Life is always perfect?
Well, good luck with that!
But we are learning

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mothers Day 2000


200 a.m.
I sat
With my daughter
In the car that night.
We had made it to the curb
In front of the church before the
Traffic came to a standstill.
It was a mandatory evacuation.
In the hills around us fire
Turned the trees to charcoal.
The sky, heavy with smoke
Made us feel like we were sitting
In a coal bin.
The church was open for evacuees
who needed to stop for food
or a bathroom.
It was quiet as the Bishop sat in a chair
Comforting the small group around him.
The radio reported that Arizona Ave. was
Totally gone.
Running her fingers through her hair my daughter cried-
Why Us?
They are just things. We are all OK. We have what was most
Yes, she said looking down into her lap, smiling,. We have the cats.
We have my clarinet, and books. If we get back to school, Ill have my homework done
Kids are such a comfort.
Happy Mother’s Day

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Be a Fisher of Men

She put the last touches
On the Portrait de Jesucristo
Remembering to abrigate it with
A protective film.
Charcoal was so touchy.
She remembered affectionately
When President Uchtdorf reminded
Her to put Christ in her life.
What better way to remember than a
Portrait of Him on the boat with poisson.
Dievushka felt blessed.
If Christ wanted fish he could get fish.
He wants us to help find his sheep.
I am ready.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Whoopsy Daisy


Strike up the band
Reach for blue sky
Were making more quilts
My grand kids and I.
Theyre all filled with fun.
Theyre splendid to touch
The people they re meant for
We all love so much.
We think itd be awesome
If you learned how too.
No need to be perfect
Just do what we do
With a smile on our faces
Hands up! We all shout
OhWhoopsie Daisy!

Monday, January 8, 2018



The elk looked at the truck, and shuddered.
He looked at the gun hanging in the back window
He saw the camping gear, bundled in the back.
A fishing pole stuck out of the pile
Swinging to and fro in the wind.

“Vacation Time”
He bellowed!
 “I’d better get the wife and family
and head up the mountain
“Looks like it’s hunting season again!”