Monday, November 3, 2008

Michael's Quilt

I wrote this when I heard about Michael's death in a mine in Montana


Why was it my son?
Your son was in the lead
Going out.

Why did the positions change.
Why was your son's foot caught?
His life saved?
Why was it so dark?

Why did it happen
On his dad's birthday?
Why was his dad's spirit
So close this year
Not others?

Why was his faith so strong
His love so sure.
Why couldn't he feel my faith,
My love
My pride in him?

Why did I see them
Walking together towards
The Light?
Why was he so happy?

Why did the hymns race
Through my mind--
"As I have Loved You"
His farewell theme;
"I walked "In the Garden"
His father's funeral Hymn;

"I Know That My Redeemer Lives"
The first hymn he learned to play
On the Piano
On his mission

Do I keep complaining to God,
"You Don't understand!"
"Yes I do."
"But he was my son!"
"He is my son too."
"I loved him so much!"
"I do too."
"But you're better than I am!"
"We'll work on that

1 comment:

lap said...

and now to know that he is part of eternity gone right.