Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amanda's Quilt


(sampler quilt) each block name highlighted in bold describes an adventure we had.

It was a rocky road to California
But we had fun.
There were cats in the corner lot,
Yes more than one.
The roosters crowed both night and noon
On the old rail fence.
And the hole in the old barn door,
Where the concerts were,
Chilled us as we danced.
We needed to borrow grandmother's fan
For the Micado play.
And learning a few card tricks
Saved a magic day.
We learned that whether we were
In Hays Corner, or on king X's throne;
Either wearing a bow tie or in a
Log cabin without a phone,
It's nice to know that our family,
Wherever we may roam,
Will always just take with us
A Happy Home

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