Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friends Quilts






  LoeAnn's Quilt 
  (Applique birds in a window)


Bluebird came this spring
To sing
The sun back to my soul.
God's gift-
A song,
A friend,
A smile,
Has left my spirit whole.

Kate's Quilt
(Batik flowers in random batik squares
reminiscent of a coreopsis growing in the cracks of my patio)


With a little dust
And a little dew
Even in brick walks
A flower grew.

Kath's Quilt
(This is a creation quilt. The center 'CHAOS' block was a rescued ugly block some one discarded. It is set 'square in square ' in four triangles suggesting the first four days of creation. The outer borders complete the creation week. A charm figurine represents man. I made a big mistake in the way I quilted it which resulted in one section not having batting. When I replaced it, a ridge was left which can be felt but not seen. This is my sin and forgiveness.)

Even on the darkest days
There's a shaft of golden light
To help you through
Your darkest times--
To guide you through the night.

Remember through your lonely times
When life seems full of woe
There's someone here
Who's been there too,
Just take the time to know

That sunny days, or lonely days
There's some who just
Love you.

Catherine's quilt
(black on white Mimbres bird on fish applique)

I smiled through
Many trials
And many years
I laughed at
Silly jokes
And shared my tears,
And I was loved
By Catherine.

Joan's Quilt

(Applique Indian woman Gorman style)

Listening Woman

She sits on the mesa.
The Listening Woman
Bringing comfort
And Peace.
Her spirit
And God's spirit
Are Friends.

Connie's Quilt

(Blue and gold pinwheel block with floral border)

Spatulas don't fit in the dishwasher-- comfortably
Five people don't fit on the pews
Sometimes I feel like the odd man out.
How about you!

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