Thursday, October 9, 2008

April 2008

I am so excited! It is spring! And not only that, but April is National Write a Poem Month. I love to write poems. Every month I write a new poem for the Relief Society sister’s birthday cards. For April I decided to share and asked some of my favorite people to give me five syllables for the first line of the April poem with some interesting results. I not only got five syllables but a couple of complete poems.
“Spring Sings A fragrant song “
“Spring is for sharing”
“ Springtime is for love”
“Fragrant Hyacinths”
“Rainbow colored blooms”

"Green breaks through the dirt.
Though they bear a gentle face,
Once the juices start to race
Through shoots and stems, the flowers rise;
Although the soil really tries,
There is no way it can avert
That force that surely takes its place
When green breaks through the dirt."

There once was a rabbit named Ceril
Who thought that his life was in peril.
He cried when he ran
Into my frying pan
Our dinner last night was quite puerile.

Fragrant hyacinths
Rainbow of colored blooms
Golden daffodils
Heads lifted to the sun
Pansy faces
A fragrant song

Here are some forms I’ve never heard of which will be fun to play with. So it’s April! Write a Poem! Have a deviled egg! Make some chocolate chip cookies! Have a great month! SPRING IS FOR SHARING!
Pleiades: This is a modern form invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman. The Pleiades, named after the constellation also known as the seven sisters from Greek mythology, consists of seven lines of seven syllables each. The title is one word, and each line starts with the same letter as the title.
Cadae: Another form based on counting syllables, the cadae follows the sequence of the first seven digits of Pi (pi = 3.141592). The first line consists of three syllables, the second one syllable, and so on. You could include several stanzas, or just one. Another variation would be to write three words for the first line, one word for the second line, etc….

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