Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Celebrating 13

I always liked the number 13. So many happy things have happened to me that I associate with 13. My sister was born on the 13th. My little brother was born on the 13th. My first date with my husband was the 13th. We got engaged on the 13th and got married on the 13th. So many people think 13 is an unlucky number but I don’t. So I think 2013 is going to be a great year. But it’s going to be a hard year full of new adventures.

I was looking on the Internet to see what things were listed on the 13th year of several centuries. I guess most of what is recorded tends to be bad news; wars, deaths, etc.
 in1713 Galileo may have unknowingly viewed undiscovered planet Neptune
In 1813 pineapple was first planted in Hawaii, and the first performance of Georg F. Handel’s “To Deum “ & “Jubilate” was made.
In 1913 the first modern elastic brassiere was patented by Mary Phelps Jacob , The French painting “Nude Descending a Staircase" was displayed in New York City; and the first prize was inserted into Cracker Jacks boxes.

Since January is traditionally the time to look back on the past year and decide what goals we would like to make for ourselves in the coming year, I thought I would jump right in and plan to do 13 things-13 times. I will celebrate 13!
Since we will be moving. Some of these will be necessities. Others will be continuing what I have been doing and enjoy. Some will only start with 13. Some I will do 13 in one month and others I will have to stretch out.
This is my list:
1.Make 13 new friends
2.Make 13 quilts
3.Read 13 books
4.Contribute to 13 charities or 13 times
5.Paint 13 paintings
6.Write 13 poems
7. Pack 13 boxes
8.Do 13 acts of service
9.Finish 13 started projects
10.Clean out 13 Cabinets or closets
11.Unpack 13 boxes
12.Write 13 short stories
13. Learn to play 13 hymns on my piano. (I haven’t learned how to play the piano yet)

Other people may choose lose 13 lbs. walk 13 miles, go to church 13 times, try 13 new recipes, have 13 dinner parties, invite the missionaries over to meet 13 friends; go 13 places you’ve never been before. The ideas are endless.
I hope you will join me in celebrating 13! What would you choose?
Have a fantastic! Exciting! 2013

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