Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family History

Clouds are hovering, darkening, thickening,
Closing in.
Frustration lingers, oppresses, limits.
What shall I do next? now? first?  Ever?
Technology thwarts me.
Give me a pencil and a wad of paper forms.
Things I did, names I had, have disappeared.
What was my username, password, e-mail address?
Which computer was I on, Apple, Mac, HP, Compost?
No not compost, 
I can’t even remember computer type though I can visualize everything but the name. 
Compact? No, and it wasn’t.
Wait!! I found a list of names! They’ll go somewhere.
Printer on—paper loaded, Smiles, Sun shining!
You are out of ink.

1 comment:

~T~ said...

Doesn't that just figure? I'm about ready to compost our computer.