Monday, December 26, 2016

The Birds!


Sometimes I feel like they are ganging up on me
Those birds of mine.
Its comforting to hear them call
At seven in the morning,” we’re here, where’s breakfast?” Outside the bathroom window. Or “ bye see you tomorrow “.in the late afternoon.
Last week though it was scary as hundreds descended onto our orchard grounds.
Row after row would spear an apple off the ground and throw it into a tree trunk, breaking it into smaller pieces and consuming it bugs and all. As more rows of large winged, long legged dinosaurs of birds landed, scenes of Alfred Hitchcock’s. “The Birds” flicked through my mind, and I got slightly nervous, retreating to my sewing machine to calm my nerves. I was alone…. with dinobirds.

Today was a cold and overcast winter day. The orchard grounds were clear; it was quiet. As we got into the car to drive to Albuquerque for breakfast with the kids, we saw our army of cranes in the neighbors’ yard. Looking up the “general” a larger, grayer bird, ruffled his feathers, and lifted a wing in a salute or a wave. Bye, We’ll be waiting when you get back.
And they were.

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