Thursday, February 25, 2016



I quilt.
I’ve been doing it for twenty five years now. And though I’m getting older and my eyesight and endurance are getting weaker, I think I’m improving. But I also dabble occasionally in other areas which is getting me in trouble now. If I try I can do a baby quilt in a week, paint a picture in a morning, and write a poem  in a few minutes. The trouble is, I can’t do any of them with instruction from someone else’s ideas.  I need my own inspiration. 

I believe we are put here on earth by a loving Heavenly Father to learn and increase our talents. Of course we need guidance and instruction to find those talents and help them grow.

But it’s hard to try to see into someone else’s mind. Give me a first line and I will write a story. Give me ten words and I will write a poem. But, write a song to the tune in your head without hearing it is hard. It reminds me of the wise men  being called into the office by the king Nebuchadnezzar  and asked to give an interpretation of his dream. And by the way the king can’t remember the dream. Daniel did succeed however because he went to the Lord in prayer and asked.
When we have a task do we  sit down and just do it or do we figure the best way to accomplish what we want. That depends on our skill level, experience  and desire.
I can sit down and create a meal out of what is on hand because I know what things taste like. How much cumin do I want (4 shakes) how much vinegar, (half a splash).
But my husband wants a recipe to follow. My son on the other hand says,” I wonder what sage would taste like in chile!”
As we go through life we are going to have opportunities and challenges. If we always have a prayer in our hearts and a willingness to try we can bless the lives of those around us and make our part of the world a better one.

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