Sunday, September 21, 2014

In Your Dreams

Cried Brice, as he ran towards the tree
Come and look
At the garden with me.”

 The old owl said, “who?
Brice giggled,
“Not you!”

“There’s a cat, and it’s kitten
Stretched out on a limb.
Here’s a frog eating apples
And there’s juice
On his chin.

Little box turtle
Eating flowers for lunch
Stopped munching daisies
To say “I’ve a hunch.” 

The chickadees sang
Sitting out on the fence
A bird flying  by
Said, “that doesn’t make sense.”

Blue butterflies
Danced in the air
Towards the clouds.
I’ve heard that the butterflies
Do  not like big crowds

A family of owls,
Went to hide until dark.
The toadstools just
Stood there alone in the park.

“OK”, Mommy called
“Now it’s time for your nap”
They begged for a story!”
As they climbed on her lap

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