Thursday, May 29, 2014


Chance, fate, destiny, karma,

Whatever you want to call it, is the way I quilt.
Some quilters I know plan, and prepare, think and draw, plan again and go shopping. They worry and line up their colors—“How much do I need? What color goes with this? What if? Maybe I should? Or they start, toss and begin again in search of perfection.
I on the other hand, think, “That’s a cool block! Oh I love that fabric! I’ll take a half-yard. I’ll use it somewhere. I am still learning, still deciding, still practicing.
I have a bin of unrelated blocks, drawers full of half-yard cuts, rolls of many colors.
Serendipity was waiting to happen.
Two years ago I took a pile of black and white 2,1/2 inch strips sewn together and cut them on the diagonal.  I sewed them in blocks of four making diamonds and packed them away for New Mexico. This month they magically surfaced crying, “My turn! My turn!”
The top was finished except for a second border and laying across my sewing table when a couple came to give us an estimate for some work on the house.  My ever-proud husband shows off my work whenever he gets the chance. Seeing the black and white quilt top, she squealed and called to her husband, “My quilt! My quilt!
But can you make it a little bigger?” I spent the evening searching for just the right fabric which I knew had to be in my stash, somewhere.

I finished sewing the binding on today, and now we’ll see if she wants it. But whether she does or not I have a new friend.

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