Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Piano

The Gibbons are swinging
Tonight through the trees
Feeling like flying through
Green canopies
While monkey sits home
Eating pickles and cheese
And dreams of
Playing piano
Chimpanzees are dancing
With grunts of delight
The moon shining down
On the few in a fight.
And monkey  just sits
And wishes he might
Be able to
Play the piano.

Gorillas are taking a 
Snooze in the shade
Just dreaming about
All the plans
That they made.
But monkey had thought that
He might make a trade
Of bananas and jelly and
Sweet lemonade
Just to eat while he
Played the piano.

And then the cat
Took over

1 comment:

~T~ said...

What playful primates!