Friday, August 10, 2012


In her book God's Guest List, Author Debbie Macomber tells a story she heard many years ago. A Woman died and went to Heaven. She met with many friends and then was taken on a tour of Heaven. She wanted to see every corner. She came to one building ,which had a gold padlock on the door. “I want to see what is in this building,”  she said.

 “Oh that’s not open to the public. There’s nothing in there you want or need.” Her guide replied.

“But I want to see every inch of Heaven.” She complained. So the doors were unlocked and she went inside. There were piles of beautifully wrapped presents from floor to ceiling. “Are these for somebody? Will they be taken to them?”

“No they aren’t for anyone.” He said.

Spying her name on one pile of gifts, she demanded to know why she wasn’t given them.
“We did take them to you,” said her guide, “but you wouldn’t accept them”.

 How many God given gifts may we have lost because we didn’t look for them or accept them when they were offered?

The Book, God’s Guest List tells the reader that God can send people into our lives for a reason. And if we are looking for them as a gift they can enrich our lives in ways we can’t imagine.

Have you ever met someone with whom you have an instant report? It feels like you have known them forever!
 Have you had a stranger come up to you and give you a message that changes your life? Or stops you from something that would hurt you?
Have you had a feeling of wanting to learn something but didn’t try? Maybe it was an opportunity you shouldn’t have turned down—a gift you haven’t unwrapped.
Have you ever been that gift to someone else?

You who are reading this, I consider to be  on my guest list from God and I thank you.

In Alma 26;3 we read …."And this is the blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in the hands of God" …

Appreciate those who love you, Help those who need you, forgive those who hurt you, Forget those who leave you.
  Unknown quote

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