Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Have you heard of Susan Boyle? She was a quiet, shy, British woman who made a surprising hit on Britain’s Got Talent several years ago. Her mother kept telling her she had a nice voice and should sing more. This is a song from her latest album that resonated with me. The only credit I can find is Tommy USA. I don’t know if he is the composer or a show.
This will be the year
The year I learn to take some time
to stop and breath it in. The year I keep a promise to myself to finish what I begin.
Bad habits stop, no regrets
step out of the red.
Open arms and open heart
to all that lies ahead.
And even though you’ve heard it all I know you don’t believe. Let me keep the last thing left for me
My faith carries me
I’ll keep holding on.
I’ll face my fears, what I’ve been doing wrong.
I know you don’t believe
but just for me can you pretend that you’ll never ever hear me say these words again.
I know this time I won’t be late, this time I will arrive.
Save my tears, save my doubts, this time I will try.
I know I can be better.
I promise I’ll be strong
. I’ll make them see
What I have been seeing all along.
This will be the year for me.

I have been taking writing and painting classes this fall because I’ve always wanted to do both. This week I came home from both frustrated and ready to throw my paper, pencils and paints away. I just wasn’t on the same level as my classmates,
or the teacher. After all they had sold their work, and or been in shows. I was pathetic. I was complaining to my daughter who always encourages me in the things I do. Her husband
over heard us talking and said, “So don’t do it to sell, do it for you.”

In church Sunday, one of our lessons was titled “MISSION POSSIBLE” These two quotes were up on the board.

Your possibilities are immense. Trust the Lord to lead you from what you are to what you have the power to become. –Elder Maxwell

If you have desires you are called to the work.

I decided that instead of quitting I should intensify my efforts. So I bought a couple of painting instruction books that taught a different approach than I had been taking. I don’t think I’ll sign up for another writing class for a while, but I’d like to teach a poetry writing class for fun.
And I started thinking about my goals for 2012.
2011 is the first year that I set a goal that I was determined to keep. I am only one and a half months away from finishing and I know I will do it. I was going to make twenty-four quilts from fabric that I already had. That’s two a month. I have the last three tops sewn and ready to quilt.

For 2012 I am going to follow the lyrics in the song This Will be The Year and change my attitude about me. I’m going to encourage those “Possibilities “ that I have been given. Who knows what we can accomplish when we “Put Our Shoulders to the Wheel and Push Along!’

This November especially, I am thankful that I have the time and peace to be creative. I am thankful for you who listen to my musings. I am thankful for a family who encourages me. I am thankful for a Creator who has given me my “Possibilities”.

What are you thankful for this year?
How have you grown?
What are your plans?
What do you dream about?

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