Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We got to go back to New Mexico in May to attend our daughter’s graduation. It was fun and we are proud of her. The next week though she was feeling like she had nothing to do. After working so hard to finish her classes, taking finals, and making sure that all her paperwork was in—she had nothing to do. I told her to write a poem and to use the word balloon. This is what she wrote.

My life is a hot air balloon.
It’s been sitting on the ground
For quite a long while
It’s been pretty,
And Impressive.
People admired it
But ultimately
It did nothing.
The basket was full,
Of sand bags,
And a picnic basket,
And me.
The sandbags all had names:
Difficult classes,
Difficult teachers,
One by one, I threw the bags away.
I flung them out.
They were heavy,
And I felt triumph every time.
I remembered my grandma
And told each and every one
To "go jump in the lake!"
There are no more bags of sand
To hold me down,
To hold me back.
I'm high in the air
And I have a picnic,
But absolutely no idea where to fly.

Lots of days I feel like she did. There are many things I could or should be doing. I just don’t know What! Where! When! Why! How! There are too many choices and no direction. I met a friend of hers while I was visiting. As we talked, he told me about his philosophy. Every Week he tries to do one thing he has never done before. It could be trying a new food, or going someplace he has never been; studying a new subject, or using a new vocabulary word. I think this would be a fun exercise. There are, after all so many things that I have never done. I have a friend who
just started a blog. A niece has started writing
a poem or a story each week. One of my neighbors has never taken her kids to the Public library.So what new and adventurous thing am I going to do? Last week I sat down and had a conversation with a stranger. This is something I’ve not been comfortable with, especially when it involves politics or religion. Next week I’ll go have a colonoscopy. This week I’m going to learn how to scan photos onto my computer. What new adventure are you going to do this week?
Do you ever get horripilants

At the same time we should plan things which will add to our lives and the lives of others.
Neal A Maxwell cautioned us against a “frantic heedless busy-ness… that often crowds out contemplation and.. leaves no room for renewal.” He likened thoughtful intervals between our tasks to the green belts of grass, trees, and water that.. interrupt the asphalt,” and he said that when we “plan some time for contemplation and renewal,” We will feel drawn to our work instead of driven to it.
Hope you have a great month.

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Good observations. Thanks for the message