Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Christmas 2008 To all our friends and loved ones
Our warmest greetings from Washington, on the eve of momentous changes both here and our nation. At this time of challenge for our nation and the world, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in need. Kevin, Amanda and her husband Kelly will be joining us at inauguration time. Just getting around Washington at that time will be a challenge but we still look forward to their visit.

We started the year with a trip to Wisconsin to visit Kevin in LaCrosse. It’s
truly amazing to see major portions of the Mississippi frozen over. We weren’t ready to join the ice fishermen though !

A bald eagle braves the frozen
Wisconsin winter while this
Guy proves that some long horns live north
of Texas !

For Memorial day we spent the long weekend at a 19th century B and B on the Maryland shore at St. Michaels. While relaxing on the shore these guys zipped by as if to entertain us

“We don’t care which way you guys are going
We’re racing this way “

In June we took what could be called a “nostalgia” trip. Instead of a plane, we hopped a train at Union Station and got off in Bridgeport CT. Because of Dad’s life long job with the railroad, trains have a special place in the heart. From Bridgeport we made our way to Naugatuck where Arletta, Dorine, Jana and the family had a wonderful dinner waiting for us on the lawn of Arletta’s house- a real treat. From there it was back to Bridgeport and a train into New York for 2 days. The first night we went to a Broadway show called “Jersey Boys” – ringing musical reprise of the life of Frankie Valie and the Four Seasons – talk about Sixties nostalgia ! We followed the next day with a picnic in Central Park. Our roof top garden continues to give us a touch of the outdoors right in the middle of the city. We had fresh tomatos, squash and herbs all summer. Our cat Maggie prefers to lounge in the middle of the flowers as can be seen in the middle of this picture
Warm wishes and love to all
Allan & Wendy

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